Why does Lumiline has only few series of linear products as it was founded in 2006?

LUMILIME strongly believes “focus create energy”. Instead of telling customers we are capable of  everything, we believe that LUMILIME can always perform better if we focus on one specific area. In fact, with the same fixture fittings, our engineers has already built different optics, dimming controls, control console to support different projects over the year. You may contact our sales for more details.

What kind of dimmer is the best for LUMILIME’s product? Is it okay if we use the same dimmer that are used to control LED strips for the LUMILIME’s wallwashers?

We always recommend customers using our dimming synchronizers. Actually, it is nothing more than a signal converters that change the “0-10V/Dali/PWM “ input into PWM output. Please refer to the wiring diagram in the download page or contact our engineer for more details.

What is it in the download page? Why is it required user to login?

We have include “CAD” files for the wiring and product dimension which includes some of the mounting accessories were used in previous projects. However, experienced users would find that useful for their projects. Please register today via our sales representative to explore more from that page.

What is the MOQ? Does LUMILIME welcome OEM/ODM?

As our target customers are project dealers which deal with projects, our MOQ is “1” piece for standard items. We welcome OEM/ODM from our end customers. In fact, we are OEM for some famous brands over the world.